About Sheri

I enjoy watching my clients build the lifestyle they desire, knowing that they can enjoy their money with peace of mind, knowing that there is a plan in place and that they are protected in case of the unexpected."

Sheri Hendricks is a Financial Advisor and strategist who focuses on helping her clients build their desired Lifestyle. She works primarily with entrepreneurs, highly ambitious women, LGBTQ+ Community and their allies to create a financial plan. Sheri helps her clients determine their goals and future lifestyle in order to build a plan specific to them. Utilizing retirement, estate, trust, investment planning and more, Sheri can bridge the gap between where her clients are now and where they want to get to. 

Sheri can create out of the box connections and plans for people looking to make big leaps in their financial lives. She specializes in behavioral finance, an area that handles the behaviors, emotions, and psychology behind money and how we handle it. 

Outside of the office Sheri believes we need balance, and play is an important part of that equation. On her free time Sheri enjoys her family, including her husband Dave, her adult children, their dogs Pup, Snoop and Rocket, and their tuxedo cat Shadow. Sheri also loves to run, garden and play pinball.  She is proud of her MINI Cooper Countryman that she feels defines her, Compact and Determined. She is an active member of the local pinball scene, The Metro Rotary Club, and her Neighborhood Association on the West End of Providence (WBNA), and the community as a whole. 

Sheri is a Marine Corps War Veteran, involved in the Marine Corps League, Woman Marine Corps Association and the VFW, and serves those who have served and sacrificed for our Country, including military and first responders. 

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